The science capital teaching approach – teacher’s pack

The Enterprising Science research team at University College London and Kings College London have produced a pack of resources based on their research to help teachers engage students with science.

Sci cap teaching approachThe Science Capital Teaching Approach  – engaging students with science, promoting social justice, has been designed to support teachers to help their students to find more meaning and relevance in science and, as a result, engage more with the subject.

The approach aims to help more, and more diverse, students engage with science, the science capital teaching approach builds on good teaching practice. The ideas for the approach have been co-developed and trialled over four years between the team and 43 secondary science teachers in England.

It works within any science curriculum, it is not a new set of materials and it does not mean a dilution of science ideas and concepts. Instead, it is a reflective framework that involves making small tweaks to existing teaching practice that can better connect with the reality of students’ lives and experiences.

snapshot of the key outcomes from the science capital teaching approach is also

You can also see animations about the science capital teaching approach and the science capital approach to building science engagement.

BP_Science Museum_KingsCollege lockup

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