What is the Transforming Practice blog?

The Transforming Practice blog is written by practitioners, for practitioners, to reflect on what research into STEM engagement means for our day-to-day practice.

It shares personal reflections of science capital and wider research around STEM engagement alongside examples of how it is being used and embedded in different museum functions and contexts – to ultimately enable us to to develop and deliver more inclusive and accessible STEM engagement experiences, across our offer, for all visitors.

The creation of the Transforming Practice blog came as a response to feedback from the first Enterprising Science ‘Transforming Practice’ seminar held at the Science Museum to introduce the concept of science capital to museum and science centre practitioners. The response to the research was extremely positive, but people wanted to know what the research meant for museums and what it actually looked like in practice. A copy of the report from the first Transforming Practice seminar can be found here.

As with all new approaches, practical examples take a while to develop. So through sharing and documenting the journeys that practitioners are taking to use and apply leading STEM engagement research, we hope it will inspire and encourage more museums, science centres and STEM practitioners to reflect on the the opportunities that they have to reach out and connect with more audiences.

If you are interested in contributing to the blog please contact us at: learningresources@sciencemuseum.ac.uk

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